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My story starts at around 7:30 am; Me and Arlene arrived at Ynares Center, the venue for Rizal Public Employees to register for G-W@ps (GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System). There were almost 300+ people now on line; we heard that some of them are at the starting line as early as 1:00 am! (Whoa!! I’m still dreaming of Britney Spears that time!).

So we find ourselves some seats and just wait for the queue to move on. From there where we meet the lively group of Councilor Bonna Aquino of Rodriguez Rizal, with Councilor Jimlet Dulla of Montalban and their secretary (Oops forgot her name, sorry).They told us that they should have a special lane for Public Officials, but due to some major problems the day before, the GSIS personnel stamped-out that special privilege.

There is a sign on the post that says they would only entertain 400 persons that day. Unaware if we belong to that 400, and because there is now some minor disorder from the line, (due to the PASAWAYS!!!) Councilor Jimlet decided one clever move, and that is to put a number on one hand of every person, so that we know (lalo yung mga nasa huli) if we were indeed included in that 400. Some welcome/agreed to the action of Councilor Jimlet while other just blubber! (papansin pala yang konsehal na yan eh! says one woman who disagree). But for most of us (na nasa hulihan) we feel somehow a sense of relief knowing that we are included. And we thought it was one great lead in behalf of Councilor Jimlet! Mabuhay po Kayo!!!

So the saga continues. Past 12noon, people now have just eaten their lunch, some are taking naps, others talking (chismisan), others reading and Yes! The Group of Bonna and Jimlet found a way to ease out the boringness of the place, by playing Scrabble which they brought outside when they took their lunch. (I guess they’ve played innumerable sets before they got in)

Time past, there are still people popping-out and joining the line, they would like to take the chance even if they’re over the quota. Our batch (the most number of pasaways) is still in clutter (singit dito, singit doon). I remember one time, when we almost lost our seats because of two newbies that suddenly just came out of nowhere and took their seats which obviously were not theirs.

Around 5:15pm, after consuming (several mineral water, hotdog, Nestea, fried chicken, mango shake, Boy Bawang, Taquitos, Munchers, biscuit, etc..) on the line. Our group were finally called inside the venue. As usual (singitan pa rin, haaaayyyyy).

It took only 5 – 7 minutes/person for the (updating of GSIS ECARD, taking of photos for the I.D. and scanning of fingers). Time check it’s 6:30pm Ahhhhhh 11 HOURS of grueling experience! After that we sign-up to the list which is the last part and then bid goodbyes to the remaining PASAWAYS!

Lessons of the story:

I think if we go to the venue at around 4-5pm, it would be much easier, because the line is short, not much people, and the weather is not that hot.

And if only GSIS Guards just gave out individual numbers to everyone just like in banks; I guess the line will be very much in order and tranquil. 😀


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lol.. yung accommodate, nag-alangan pa sa spelling, tama na sana, na-mali pa tuloy.

oo nga noh! galing ng mata mo bro! 😀

Dear Fellow Citizens:

I am writing to let you know that it’s high time Winston Garcia is fired from the GSIS for he is running the GSIS, a service agency, to the ground with his Gestapo-like tactics in implementing the failed eCard program. You may think he is no Gestapo, but he acts like one because of the deleterious effects of its implemention.

He is ruining people’s lives since pensioners are not getting the money the government owes them. The GSIS, which is tasked to promote the well being of pensioners through the state pension fund, is doing exactly the opposite — and to do it to the pensioners in their twilight years is plain and simple criminal if not immoral.

Attached is a blog devoted to this issue. It started with the untimigated disaster that occurred in New York City last March 9.

If this could happen to pensioners in the U.S., how much horror must their local counterparts be experiencing? I did some research on the Internet, and I have had enough of Garcia’s lame excuses. He is destroying people’s lives, and IT IS TIME FOR GARCIA TO GO.

Attached is a blog devoted to GSIS incomptence. Please share with as many people as you can until Garcia resigns.

Please pass this on to as many people as you can to create a groundswell for his exit from the GSIS. Pressure must be brought to bear upon Macapagal Arroyo to make her realize that it will be politically expensive for her to keep supporting Garcia.

forward this article to him. Pretty unshakeable he resolve father a credible read. Thanks into sharing!

Ma. Gina D. Surles
Posted on September 19, 2010

Ecard problem about birthday matagal ng inasikaso kung ano kasilangan pero September na wala pa din pagbabago. GSIS main, nag-email na daw po sa inyo DepEd Region V pero wala pa din changes sa ecard ko and b-day. 6 times na po me pabalik-balik since nag-aaply lahat ng guro.

It is surprising, as it is peculiar to the person to preserve the image against worship which would make his ridiculous or ???????? far from the original, that is why improbable.

Posted on May 27, 2011

Tang inang GSIS to..ilang taon na kmi naghihirap dahil walang natatanggap ang ermat ko na pensyon…process ng process,follow up ng follow up,pero wala..wala..wala..pati records ng erpat ko na namatay na,wala ring trace..bat di nalang nila sunugin kaya yung GSIS? In english= GSIS is shit..

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