Yipee! I’ve just upgraded my video card!

Posted by raredog in Techie Stuff, ... | 03.04.2007 - 9:54 pm

S3 Savage4 PCI Video Card

I recently have a minor upgrade on my rig!  And that is a very rare video card!  A 32 MB S3 Savage4 PCI card. Indeed,  a very very rare PCI Video Card.

What do I have before the upgrade? I have a 4MB video card that is built-in on my motherboard.  I really don’t need an upgrade to my tireless and antique rig,  I am used to it, And I can still do anything with it even without an upgrade.  And I really don’t need one right now!

But when I saw somebody dealing a rare 32MB PCI card on TPC, that is the time that I told myself, “Hey, What the heck! It’s about time that I see a lot of colors on my monitor! hehehe” 😀

So after I contact the seller “NITRO of TPC“,  he only sells the item for P400 (which for me is absolutely cheap and almost looks like new, Thanks to you MAN!), the next day I went immediately to his place. I almost got lost finding his place, but nevertheless I found him,  and he gave a short demo on the item,  plus of course the usual warranty of one week.

Well it’s almost one week, and up to now the S3 Savage still works fine for me. The pictures and videos on my pc is now more vivid and bright, and the refresh rate is much more faster.

I guess one of the stupendous thing of being a blogger is that you don’t need a high-end computer to get your job done.  By the way my rig is an oldskool Pentium III 733mhz, 256MB memory,  and an over-fatigued 20G harddrive.

If there is any philanthropist reading my post right now.
I am open for donations 😆

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gratz bro.. sa susunod p4 naman ang bilhin mo 🙂

In my dreams bro! 😆

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