GY6 Scooter under repair

After nearly four years of riding Geely I really don’t have any major repair of her, until now.

  • Its bendix drive is malfunctioning, most of the time it just slides when I clicked on the electric starter. Plus it creates a lot of ticking noise when the engine is idle. I have a mechanic fixed it before, he only tightened the allen bolt from the bendix and suggested that I replaced it with a new/surplus taiwan GY6 parts ASAP.
  • Gear oil leaks due to a worn -out O-Ring inside the gearbox
  • Motor oil leaks thru the starter motor gear because of a flattened O-Ring
  • Fuel cock is not functioning properly also. Its either the carburetor lacks gas or was overflowing
  • I have to replace the pulley also. I have├é┬áchanged it before with a racing pulley and it really makes Geely run fast on the high-end. But now its now a bit noisy due to worn-out plyballs and also its surface is not that smooth anymore both front and back. I think I’ll just return it to an ordinary pulley.
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    5 thoughts on “GY6 Scooter under repair”

    1. nice post sir, now i have an idea why their is an oil leak on my sinski bigboy. . .
      muchos gracias. . .

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