My first attempt in making a short digital movie

Actually it was so short, it only runs for 1 minute and 34 seconds. I have no technical background whatsoever in the procedure of movie making,  it just popped-out in my mind that I could do it.

Armed with my digital camera (Samsung Digimax 301), and some household stuff (which you would see Behind the Scenes).  Me and Vennedict (my one and only crew and cameraman) go to Ynares Center  compound for the location shooting of “My Scooter Geely“. It took us the whole morning shooting all the scenes listed on my “guide list“. I really enjoyed being a director that moment!

We’re back at our house past noontime. I started to download  all the stuffs to my PC  for me to do the editing using Movie Maker. It took me almost two days to finish editing it, but its worth the wait. Can’t wait to do another! 😀

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My Scooter Geely

Behind the Scenes

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