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I have been to almost all motorshows here in Manila, but only this time that I have seen this awesome wheel customization! Or am I the last one to know about it? lol

It just happen that me and my ride buddy Edsel was waiting for our friend Jun at Tiendesitas to have some cold booze bcoz it was Edsel’s birthday. When we decided to dropby at the nearby Silvercity to watch Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show. It was almost 8:00 pm when we enter the venue, good thing that their entrance was free. But sadly some booths are already closed that time.

There are lots of cool bikes of different makes around the place. I don’t waste time and quickly shoot photos before the organizer decided to call it a day. And this Green Goblintheme on the scooter caught my attention! I think it was a Yamaha Mio. His front wheel is absolutely an awesome sight! It has literally no spokes whatsoever and the disc brake is almost the size of the tire. We take a look much closer to see how it works. Until Edsel says “I think it works like a bearing” which for me is what I think the closest that we could think of that time. I haven’t talk to anyone around the area to confirm if it was  designed by a Filipino. But nonetheless it was one cool idea! I only hope that it is also safe for the rider.

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Some of the photos at the event:



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galeng bro! astig sa design!

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