What triggers Cho Seung Hui to do it?

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My condolences to the bereaved families of the victims. The news is so horrible, I thought it could only happen in movies or some RPG games, but Cho made it for real. He has legally aquired a 9mm Glock pistol a month ago which he uses to kill all those 32 people and eventually kills himself when the cops closed in on him.

What brought him to this level of carnage is a big question to police and university officials. One thing they found out in his dorm is a rambling note raging against women and rich kids.

Some people said that Cho is a very quiet man and a loner. Which is why neighbors and classmates we’re having difficulty finding information about him. There are lot’s of questions needed to be answered in this situation like How did Cho managed to bring the gun inside the university? Why campus authorities does not locked down the gate immediately after the first burst of gunfire? Etc..etc..

I dunno about this, but do they have some have some kind of a psychological examination first before they let anyone buy guns and ammo, just my two cents.

Let’s pray for all the poor souls that perished in this macabre and hope that it will never happen again.

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Posted on April 19, 2007

First utmost sympathy to all victims and families/friends.
My second thought is “Not again”
Im afraid to say your right to bear arms is also your right to be a victim of them. Where there is little restriction on firearms, how can you prevent 100% of potential maniacs from acting out fantasies. Without access to guns, at most he could stab or throw bricks or just stick to violent imaginations.
Its pointless arguing if others were carying guns this couldnt have happened. The higher the number of guns in unsafe hands, the greater the chance of them being used for mayhem rather than protection.
To quote Homer Simpson trying to buy a gun
Store owner “Sorry you have to wait 28days for a background check”
Homer “Whaaah, BUT I’M ANGRY NOW!!!”
and 28 days later
Store Owner “I see youve been in a mental institution twice”
Homer “Awwwwh You mean I cant get a gun”
Store owner “Relax, that only restricts you to 2 handguns and a rifle”
Many’s the word said in jest…

As for the person involved, the contrast with his unfortunate sister couldnt be more profound.

We can only speculate what precipitated this atrocity – I would not want to really understand or ever see the world through his eyes. No, I may find out the reasons he put forward, but I never want to understand. To understand is to put reason to it, and there will never be a reason for mass murder.

Sad to see that some websites are resorting to putting his name in their search tags just for more hits. Nobody should try to benefit from this.

I would hazard a guess that this is the most blogged single event to date.

What more can I say, our thoughts are with all the victims

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