Summertime Bonding

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The weather is so hot!!!! We’re experiencing 38 degrees celsius here in Manila. It’s almost like having a HEAT WAVE these past few days. Global Warming $%*@&! is here to stay!  One can not bear the scorching heat and the humid air the whole day, even in the evening its very difficult to sleep.Â

Good thing we have a company outing at Alta Resort Iba, Zambales last weekend, it somehow refreshes our mind and body even for a while.

We decided to bring Sean Kirk with us so that he can enjoy the excursion too. I was thinking of some bonding activity with him besides the usual plunge at the beach. I only have one morning to spent with him because i’m one of the Game Master in our Team Building Activities and we will be very busy organizing the event at the resort for the whole day.

The night before the outing, I was at National Bookstore looking for some whistle to buy, when I saw this red kite,  and the idea of teaching Sean Kirk how to fly a kite would be a cool experience for both of us, I bought it right away. And for the price of only P35.00, me and Sean Kirk have shared a wonderful summer escapade worth remembering for a long, long, time.

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*LOL* pupulutin sa La Union.

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