Sangtaon na websaytko

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One year at last! Yipee! I thought from the very start that having my own website would be a very tedious task for me. But it proves something else. The one year experience is very fruitful. I’ve learned so many nice and crazy things in this techie world, met fellow bloggers from around the world, input some fresh ideas on my idle mind, and of course earn from it. lol


92 posts
(I should have tried to reached at least a hundred, but time and connection is my enemy)

(Is this good or bad?)
19591 Number of visits
11000 Unique visitors

Alexa Rating – 1,430,860 (Before I installed the Alexa toolbar, only last week of March)

1,327.092 01 april 2007
1,135,858 05 april 2007
974,456  09 april 2007
838,449  13 april 2007
707,273  17 april 2007
659,225  19 april 2007
601,757  26 April 2007
604,662  30 April 2007

Silly me. Before I thought the higher value is better, hehehe

Google PR4 sometimes PR3 wahhhh

I’ve checked it last night and its fluctuating, dunno if there’s a problem with the site but with checkpagerank i got a consistent PR4 ranking, yessssss!

Thanks to all you who have visited websaytko, the spiders, crawlers, spammers, my family, friends, officemates, those I’ve tricked in coming here, lol, those who clicked my ads thank you very much, hehehe. Thanks also to Martin Mihalev, I’ve been using his Greening V1.01 eversince, and until now I have no plans of changing it, (unless I find a new one, lol). YDS Web Solutions (my server) for a very wonderful and troublefree hosting. My mentor Benj for his patience with me, Salamat Bosing! And last but not the least, to the Great Almighty for my good health!

p.s. To all the plugins proggies, add-ons, and softies I’ve used here in websaytko, you know who you, thank you very much! Thanks also to Flickr, which as a coincidence, the image above is my 200th image I’ve uploaded to them, and now all of my photos beyond 200 will remain hidden from view until I either delete newer photos, or upgrade to a Pro account which will cost me $24.95/year whattttttaaa nice gift from Flickr lol!

Another year to begin with… Cyah! 😀

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Congratulations! Nawa’y magtagal pa tong websayt mo na ‘to 😉 More power & more income to come hehe.

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[…] – raredog’s chronicle » Blog Archive » Sangtaon na websaytko […]

congratulations for 1 year of aching fingers and typos!

Maraming Thanks po sa mga nag-greet! 😀

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