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After the sensational news of  South Korean Cho Seung-Hui (Va.Tech incident).  I found another sensational Korean guy just like his age, but with a different story. This time his countrymen is definitely very proud of him.

His name is Lim Jeong-Hyun, 23 year-old guitarist, more popularly known online as “FunTwo” and became very famous for his cover of JerryC’s Canon Rock. His YouTube video was so popular and was tagged as the #1 Top Favorites (All Time), according to CNN it has reached 7.5 million views already.

I really like watching his video, the music and the way he played the guitar somehow gave me goosebumps, in fact I’ve watched it for 5 consecutive times! The video is quite simple, yet fun to (yeah FunTwo) view, it sounds like a soundtrack from an anime movie.

Let’s not forget to give credits to the composer Johann Pachelbel and JerryC the arranger. (who had his own YouTube version). You guys are very talented! And also to “guitar90” the guy who uploaded the video to youtube. Playing the guitar was one of my frustrations in life. huhuhu

I really admired and respect Korean talents, in fact I was a Seo Taiji Boys fan too (korean rap group).  I was in Korea (won’t mention the year, lol) when their song “Nan Arayo” hit the chart worldwide.  And Korean music genre was never the same again.

Anyong Aceo! Sarang Hamnida!

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Watch and Enjoy the video of FunTwo

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