Bikers Pillow

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bikers pillow
I’ve travelled to my cousins place last week, with Geely (my GY6 scooter). The ride is not that far, around 40 kilometers only.  The road was no problem at all, smooth and trafficless, almost like a highway. Until I was detoured to that rough road. I think its about 3 kilometers of coarse or uneven surface. You could have mistaken it for some trails used in some rallye sports or motocross racing. Its a good thing that I have an empty stomach or I could have puked what I’ve eaten on the lens of my helmet, or maybe have an instant operation on my appendicitis! Whoa!!!

Another thing is Geely’s suspension is not that good anymore, specially the rear, its kinda stiff. Maybe I should visit my suking bikeshop again for some replacement. That is, if there’s enough moolah on my pocket. Waahhh!

That’s why for the meantime I need to find ways on how to get comfortable with my ride.Then I got the idea when I was watching TV with Sean. I saw his cute shape pillow with strings on both sides. Hey! I could temporarily use this pillow. The setup was easy, I just put the pillow paralleled with the saddle and tied both strings on each end.

I’ve tested it for a 20km ride. My buns really appreciated the ride with the pillow, its really very soft and comfy. SUCCESS!!!

As for Sean, his using my pillow now. 😀

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