Scooter Stunts

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I’m always impressed with stunts on two-wheels.  I guess because I was also a radical BMX rider during my teens and I’ve done gnarly and wild stunts also. Fortunately I have avoided serious injuries like broken bones and stitches. Thank God!

This kid with a girl’s name lol  has a bag full of tricks.  He does it smooth and flawless as if it was just normal riding.  I salute you! Your riding ability is awesome and best of all you make people very happy by giving them entertainment. Just be careful always dude!

Andreas Gustafsson said “ I can say that i’m enormously addicted to vehicle like scooter, sportbikes, waterscooter, go-cart, cars, motocross bikes etc.”

I like his slogan: “IT’S NOT A HOBBY, IT’S A WAY OF LIFE

Don’t try this without proper safety gears and a good instructor to guide you.Â

Ride Safe Always!

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