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Future Blogger?
It’s breakfast time! Juicy hotdogs and fried rice are set on the table. And everybody are on the rush! Why? Because its Sean’s first day of school.

What a perfect day to go to school. The weather is fine, the sun is bright and gentle breeze blowing in the air. While Sean is at the shower, his mom is having a tremendous adrenalin preparing all that Sean would be needing at school , from his uniform, to his shoes, his bag down to his lunchbox. She seems to be tireless.  (And the most excited!) 😀

As for me, I have already forecasted this moment and my idea since I’m a blogger is to capture the moment. As of  last night my batteries are fully charged and my Samsung digicam is locked and loaded. Ready to shoot anyone on sight with its 512MB ammo! lol 😆

Sean was really enjoying every minute of his time at the school. While other kids were crying, Sean was busy putting up his puzzle. He listens while his teacher does a story telling, he even raises his hand when the teacher asked for a volunteer to paste a card on the whiteboard. Everything went on nice and smooth that first day of school,  except for one big problem,  when the class was finished SEAN DON’T WANNA GO HOME! Wahhhhh!

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Posted on June 18, 2007

cute kid 🙂 hahaha, ganun ayaw n umuwi!

Thanks! Mana sa dad nya…lol. Dun kami nahirapan sa pagpapauwi hehehe.

nagmana ba talaga sa dad? hehehe jk.. ang cute ng sitwasyon, ayaw umuwi. very unusual, yun ibang bata pahirapan papuntang school.

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