Wifi Tester at SM Marikina

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Summer has inevitably made its presence, and humidity is definitely giving away hyperthermia to anyone who would like to have it, lol! One way to beat the heat is to go to a “nearby” mall and basked on the cold breeze coming from their giant aircon. Fortunately the newly built SM Marikina is just 5 minutes away from my turf. Hitting 2, 3, 4, 5 birds in one stone you might say because yesterday I’m not only beating the heat but I had 5 more reasons to go at SM Marikina.

First I’m officially registered as a blogger cum Wifi-Tester (an event sponsored by SM Marikina and organized by blogger Azrael), Secondly, I got an scheduled interview (also at SM) with Ms. Gwyn Ebol of U.P. Diliman for her thesis, third, to pay my overdue bills for our internet subscription haha, fourth, to treat my partner for some pasta, and of course lastly to beat the heat haha!

What a geeky sight! More or less 100 bloggers with their lappies commingle in one place to test the Wi-fi connection at SM Marikina. Wi-fi gadgets of all kinds mushroomed the venue, along with the strip of computer shops as our background. Techie-ness at its best! It’s like we’re way ahead of time during this awesome event.

Nice infrastructure. In and out.

Excited?! I’m one of the early birds at the registration booth haha!

wi-fi testers on queue at the registration booth – We scoured the place and tried our gadgets. Varied reception, high and low, the fastest we’ve got? at the CyberZone where else haha. Although we stayed at Greenwich later that day and got a fast connection there too. BTW I’m open for that condom tester too! lol.

Even the elders embraced technology these days. I’ve met this very cool grandpa on board a souped-up electric wheelchair that has a side-mirror, a horn and would you believe? a dvd player that has amplified speakers. I wonder if there’s any mods on its motor hehe. Nice one sir. Thanks for the pic.

My interview with Ms.Gwyn at SM Marikina. I politely asked her to let me answer in Tagalog during the interview. Mahirap na! Konti lang baon kong english kse hehe.

Of course last but not the least. The Testers!

Kudos to Marjonelle for taking the shots.

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Was here too!! XD I think their drop-off point and main entrance looks somewhat like an airport ^_^ relly nice clean tiles as well haha

u got my attention there “hugs not drugs” right? 😀

hmmmmmmmm…. it’s just too bad we didnt win the ASUS laptop…. but it was nice meeting you and your partner raredog!

the earning student

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haha! yes, the Striking green. Spread the Hugs! not the Drugs! XD

I’ll keep that in mind. You’re in for a bear hug next time ICU hehe.

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Posted on March 3, 2009

thanks for including us in your blog 🙂 and for visiting my site,too. it’s a pretty young site, but i’m trying to make it a better one. blogging is love 😀

thanks for participating in our thesis! 😀

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found this site very useful:

Pinoy Money Talk

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Posted on April 6, 2011

Dude, nice blog. But kindly review your grammar. I mean, c’mon, is it really that hard?

Posted on April 6, 2011

@armand – Yup it’s a bit hard, like a hard boiled egg 😀

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