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Apply Now!!! Introducing SMART BRO. The revolutionary high-speed broadband internet service of Smart, the leader in wireless innovation. SMART BRO brings broadband internet into your home by using the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly connect your computer to the Internet! So now you can surf the Net at broadband speed even if you’re beyond the reach of a phoneline.The service works by simply installing a SMART BRO antenna at your home which is directed to the nearest Smart cellsite to give you the strongest connection signal possible. And once the antenna is cabled to your home computer, you’re instantly connected and ready to chat, e-mail & surf up to 7x faster than the speed of dial-up!Get SMART BRO now! You can also apply at your nearest PLDT Business Office, Smart Wireless Center or through any accredited Smart or PLDT sales agent.
Wireless Broadband Internet
24/7 Unlimited
Up to 384kbps
No Phonelines needed
I will personally process your application.
pm me for inquiries YM raredog79 or text – 09198854472

Click here to apply!!!


Frequently Asked Questions
What is Smart Bro?
Smart Bro is the amazing wireless broadband service from Smart. It is a high-speed broadband internet connection that uses the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly deliver internet service to a subscriber’s PC. The “wireless” connection is from the nearest Smart Cellular Base Station to the sub’s location where a Smart Bro antenna will be installed. There will still be in-house cabling from the antenna to the sub’s PC.


The Smart Bro technology is called Broadband Wireless Access (BWA). Using the cellular phone network of Smart, Smart Bro antennas are installed in a specific location in your house that receives a certain radio frequency transmitted from the nearest Smart Cellular base station. Provided that the antenna is at “line-of-sight” to receive the strongest signal possible, it will allow any household in the Philippines to now enjoy a high speed internet connection without the need of a physical cable/phone line, which is several times faster than any dial-up internet connection.

What are Smart Bro’s packages?
Initially, Smart Bro is available on one package, at PHP999.00/month (vat-inclusive), which is up to 7x faster than dial-up, or 384kbps.

There is a one time installation fee of P1,000.00 (for standard installations, i.e. lower than 20-foot antennas)

Why should I subscribe to Smart Bro?
Absolutely no need for a phone line, no need to wait for cables to be laid out

Nationwidest broadband coverage
o Utilizes Smart’s extensive Base Station coverage to provide a wireless broadband service from the Base Station to the Subscriber’s residence
o Antenna can be installed anywhere there is a strong signal association

Anytime, Always-on, unlimited Internet Access.
o No need to Dial-up to an ISP. No login required (after the initial activation).Best value for money because of its affordable rates.What are the requirements to get connected to Smart Bro?

Minimum system requirements are:
Pentium II or higher.
128 MB of RAM or higher (preferably 256 MB of RAM)
Ethernet/LAN Card
At least 10GB of Hard Disk Space.
Operating System : Windows 98, 2000, XP, Linux or Macintosh.
Am I guaranteed the published speed?
Smart Bro’s published speeds are the maximum possible speeds given in the broadband connection. While the speed can often burst to such levels, there are times when forms of technical interference such as noise, electrical shorts or software problems can interfere with the speed, which are beyond Smart’s control.

Also, very busy websites like Yahoo and MSN occasionally suffer from slowdowns,, as well as graphic-heavy sites such as The servers of most of these major sites are often located in other countries, such as the United States, which can further degrade performance due to the distance the signal must travel.

Please note that Smart Bro is responsible only for providing the wireless broadband connection up to a single PC. Using multiple PCs can will further slow down the speed since the bandwidth will be shared among them.
How does Smart Bro compare to PLDT myDSL?
Both Smart Bro and PLDT myDSL are high speed broadband internet services, and offer basically the same experience (for plans at the same speeds). PLDT myDSL utilizes PLDT’s telephone lines to deliver internet service, while Smart utilizes its cellular network.
Where will subscribers apply for a Smart Bro connection?
The Smart Bro service will be available for application at any Smart Wireless Center or PLDT Business Office nationwide, or through any accredited Smart or PLDT sales agents.

Those interested to know more about the Smart Bro service can call *3888 from their Smart cellphone.
How long does it take to get a Smart Bro connection?
Upon submission and completion of a signed Service Application Form as well as payment of initial fees, installation will be scheduled within 3 to 4 working days.
How will Smart Bro subscribers be billed?
Subscribers will receive a Statement of Account (SOA) by postal mail or courier service, on a fixed billing cycle.

In fact, Smart will open up more payment channels within the next few months, making it even easier for Smart Bro subscribers to pay their bills.
What will Smart Bro subscribers see in their first monthly bill?
Smart Bro bills its subscribers in advance. Your payment of the installation fee and first month service fee will trigger the activation of Smart Bro. Hence, the first monthly bill will reflect the following month’s service fee.
What is the difference between Smart Bro and Smart WiFi?
Smart WiFi and Smart Bro are similar services but Smart Bro is the new, updated version with promotional bundles which were not previously available; as well as an enhanced customer experience.

Customer support numbers are still the same: *1888 from Smart cellphones, (02) 672-7277, and PLDT Toll-free 1-800-10-772-7277.

The Smart team will continue to work hard in improving and enhancing these processes, to ensure a better experience for our subscribers.

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Posted on June 25, 2008

Sir i have a loptop, which i am using now… i tried using smart bro usb but i cant install the cd installer.. i used it on my desktop and it works perfectly fine.. it has autoplay function there. but on my loptop it does not autoplay so i browsed it manually but i cant find the installer exe. pls help us thanks..

Try copying the whole content of the cd installer on your laptop’s hard disk.

Posted on June 30, 2008

Does it have a lock-in period?

Posted on June 30, 2008

lock-in period is one year

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Posted on October 13, 2008

copy the cd into flash drive then copy again in loptop and installed it…

What are the requirements if I want to apply? I mean, do you i have to show any payslips, bills, etc.? thanks.

Just present a valid ID to any Smart Agent or at any Smart Wireless Center near you.

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Posted on January 7, 2009

SmartBro is evil. Gusto lang nila kunin ang pera mo. I asked my mother to subscribe in SmartBro pero nilagay niya na name sa akin, then siya yong representative ko, ok lang daw yon sabi ng SmartBro. Tinggap nila yong cash kahit walang authorization letter from me, pero di na tuloy yong installation dahil marami pa silang alibi.

Pinakuha ko sa Mama ko ang cash, sabi ng SmartBro kailangan daw ako mismo, kahit ang Mama ko ang representative. Corrupt ang SmartBro!!! wag kayo tuloy magsubscribe sa SmartBro. Mastress lang kayo…

pwede rin po kaung mag apply sakin, 09212372806 anywhere in the phils. STEP 1 – send ure complete info to my celpone:

complete address: (kung san iinstall ung antenna)
id type:(eg. passport, prc, drivers license, postal id, company id, etc)
id no.:
contact nos. (at least 2)

STEP 2 – may smart text na darating sa inyo para magbayad daw kau ng P999 sa pinakamalapit na smart wireless center.

STEP 3 – once na nagbayad na kau, me tatawag po sa inyo na scheduler, kung kelan kau kakabitan… 2-3days po kabit agad…


8 working days po pwede nyo ng irefund pera nyo…

Posted on November 3, 2009

will the smartbro usb application work on windows 7?thanks

I suggest calling their tech-support for more details. Their number is 6727277 or *1888

meron pobang available na 1 year lang na lock in period? kung meron po magkano, magaaply po ako!

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Posted on February 18, 2011

gusto ko na ipadisconnect smartbro ko kya lng 1 yr plng me pwd b ibebenta ko n ang computer ko.hay sna pwd wla n kz ggmit ng inernet syang kung mgbbyad p me ng monthly

Posted on May 17, 2013

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