Plate Number on Helmets

Posted by raredog in Bike, Motorbike and ... | 06.29.2007 - 6:05 pm

helmet with plate number

As a motorcyclist I am affected and really pissed off by this resolution the MMDA had put up particularly to their top honcho Mr. Bayani Fernando. This thing is surely a descrimination to all law-abiding riders. Haven’t they know that this could also lead to red-tape and corruption.

A motorcycle should have side-mirrors is definitely a YES, a rider must always wear a helmet is very good. But putting a number on the helmet is big NO-NO for me! What do they think of us, a Taxi!? Helmets are private property of the rider and besides it will ruin the design of the helmet and even lessen the durability because of the sticker.

They should think of something better than this, or they should consult first the ones concern before implementing this outrageous ordinance. Just imagine a motorcycle rider caught with no license plate number on their helmets wil be penalized like impounding of the motorcycle and appropriate fines and charges because there is deliberate attempt by the felon to conceal his identity and avoid positive identification by the public. I think that’s a lot of b******t!

What if the person owns more than one bike! Then he should have an exclusive helmet for every motorcycle. Isn’t that too expensive for the owner? And look closely to these fines.

1. Driving without helmet – Fine P300 – P500
2. Driving without plate number stickers on helmet – Fine P3,000, motorbike will be impound and might even face criminal charges. WTF!

The stupidity is very obvious. I might as well ride without a helmet, the fine is much more affordable. kesa naman A 4 the boys!

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jp razalas
Posted on February 6, 2009

what the hell mr. bayani do! putting a plate no. sticker in helmet give a damn sh*** what is the next unpredictable violation they do! i guess the next ordinace is to wear a name plate while riding this is a clear disrimation its again the human rights. to mr. bayani please consider that you are a man ur lucky because u have the rigt to do what you want! but all the unpredictable violation or imaginary mind has gone soon.

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