When Dad Day becomes Bad Day

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Its Father’s Day. I woke up early around 7am. Got my cellphone, then type a greeting message that I would send to every Dad on my phonebook. After almost 3 minutes adding different numbers , my celfone suddenly went poof! It’s lowbatt, and guess what. I left my charger at the office, its an old school Smart Amazing Phone so I won’t bother to ask anybody if they had a charger that I can borrow and worst of all my I can’t even use my sim card thru their phones because my phonebook is saved on my cellfone! Waaaahhh!

Next was, after going to the market on my scooter (a large basket in front of me) as I was approaching our house I miscalculate the size of our gate and swerved, causing my lower right leg to get scratched by the mid portion of my scooter. Got me a swollen leg! Watttt!!!!!

Me and my family decided to spend Father’s Day at my hometown. Around mid-day, while driving a jeep, wearing dark sunglasses. We stopped at Mcdonalds so I could withdraw some cash inside the ATM machine. Still wearing my shades, I entered Mcdo and went straight to the machine, and while still holding my cash and receipt I went out and then KABOOM! BLAGAG %#@&^$! Silly me! I directly hit the glass door (i thought it was open! harharhar) Smashing my face and body in full impact with the door! It created such a noise that when I turned around I saw everybody were chuckling! Still in shock, I still manage to smile back, and then left hurriedly.

Then lastly around 5:00pm at a gas station, after the attendant pump gas on our jeep I gave him a P500 bill for a P100 gasoline. Then off we go, I only noticed around 8:00pm that I forgot my change! The sad part is that the station is about 25 kilometers from us. If we go back for the change we would be consuming around P200+++ gas back and forth, and would be lucky
if the attendant would remember me and still give us my change. Wattah Day!!!

But wait! (That’s not all! Call Now and we’ll give you a set of kitchen knives! lol)

It’s still happy ending! I’ve called my buddy Tsito who lives nearby that gas station and told him the whole story. He told me that he would check it out right away. Good thing he’s quite known there, (being a regular customer himself) he just described our vehicle to the cashier and told them what happened. After that the cashier handed him the change complete with the reciept! Thanks Petron North Fairview!

It wasn’t a Bad Day after all! 😀

My change? I still got it from Tsito after a week. We bought beer from it! hehehe

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those are tough short series bro.. extra careful nalang.. at tanggalin ang dark shades pag papasok sa mga glass walled establishments hehe..

hindi ko pa nababasa ang buong article mo pero magpopost na ko ng comment.. father’s day ba kahapon? o dad day for you? pasensya at ignorante hehehe .. have a nice day .. hope that Friday the 13th is a good day for you..

Posted on July 13, 2007

@dimaks – grabe bro, akala ko nga nabasag ko yung pinto eh! 😆

@lurkee – father’s day po is June 17. Sensya na po kung nalito kayo sa post ko. Naikwento ko lang.

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