Plate Number on Helmets II

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After reading the post, I did sign the petition even though I am not in the Phil. but as a concerned rider, I find these rules set by MMDA are stupendous and the person or persons that even considered this as a solution to a different set of problem does not think at all. No common sense at all. Are these the so called leaders?

(1) not using the face shield even for the back rider – to impose that as a law, MMDA is endangering the safely of law abiding citizens. In some countries this type of laws will excite class action lawyers. If someone commits a crime in the car, are they going to remove the windshield or the side windows of all cars?

(2) Duplicate Lic. # on Helmet? – What if you have 2 or more? then who would pay for those stickers? more likely the cost will be passed down to you also.
What if you get another bike with different set of plate numbers, are you going to buy another helmet so you can stick stickers to match your plate?
What if I borrowed someone’s bike – will I have to borrow his helmet also? It does not make sense.

Criminals knows that they will not have any thing that could be linked to them when they commit a crime. They can as easily alter or get fake stickers, steal a lic. number, etc. The bikes that they use would probably be stolen too. How will the stickers or not using a face shield even for back riders, prevent any crime from being committed?

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A motorcade rally is set on July 20, 2007 to protest the said scheme.
Details and flyers here.

Hate this ordinance? Signup for the Online Petition HERE.

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natawa ako dito bro:

1145. Bayani Fernando
1144. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

nasa petition signatoree list

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yung iba kse nde sineseryoso yung petition 🙁

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ako din natawa ,…..

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testing 1

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