Bayani Versus Heroes

Posted by raredog in Bike, Motorbike and ... | 07.21.2007 - 10:22 pm

Awesome number of riders (groups or solo) coming from all directions continues to arrive at Shell (The Fort) as early as 10am (20 July 07) for the planned motorcade to MMDA office in EDSA. “Imagine if these motorcade is done on a non-working day, I’m sure there’ll be a lot more!” said one biker.

Some are seen wearing their groups uniform but 99% of them (that includes me) wears black, in protest to the proposed ordinance of “Plate Number Stickers on Helmets“, one of the purpose of the motorcade is to show that motorcyclist are united in condemning the said resolution and also to give the opposition papers to Chairman Bayani Fernando. (whom they branded as Mr.Genius)

Bikes of all kinds lines up in an orderly manner, stretching from SHELL up to MMDA EDSA. You can’t even reach a decent 10km/hour speed. As one onlookers said ” This is the most discipline and orderly rally I have ever seen!” Several bikers voluntarily manned intersections to ease the traffic.

Occupying almost half of EDSA, It actually creates a monstrous traffic jam. But thats only because vehicles on EDSA especially the busses began to slow down to watch in anxiety what is happening. Some passengers alighted to make (uzi) while others even take photos and talk to some of the riders.

While the documents is being served inside the MMDA office by Mr. Atoy Sta Cruz (I salute you sir), the motorcade grinds to a halt. And outside there’s a lot of cheering and yelling coming from the bikers, others express their feelings by blowing their horns and revving their engines. (ahh love the sound of those choppers!) The atmosphere is somehow similar to new year’s day (without the fireworks of course).

Policemen don’t have a hard time dispersing the rallyist/motorcade because the riders are advised beforehand by their group leaders to go home (and multiply, hehe) afterwards.

Everyone had a smile on their face as we go home that afternoon. After braving the scorching weather, piling up in line on your full gears without wind to compensate our attires, feeling of intense thirst with nothing to drink, sunbathing on midday without a sunblock. I say we became “Heroes” that day.

Watch Motorcade to MMDA here

Still photos here:

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thanks sa invitation. naka join na ako doon actually. tnx! care to exchange links?

Posted on July 23, 2007

we already exchange links via SAW po 😀

i think, it’s bayani who looks more hero here. actually wala namang problema kung idikit natin sa helmet ang plate number ng motorcycle natin.

Ang nagpapahirap lang naman sa ting mga pinoy ay dahil hindi tayo marunong sumunod. ang alam lang kasi natin ay ang magrebelde lagi sa mga namamahala sa atin.

parang sa kurapsyon… lagi tayong nagrereklamo na mga leaders natin kurakot. Ang hindi natin naisip tayo mismo ang nagturo sa kanila para maging kurakot.

halimbawa. bakit ba natututong mangukong ng mga pulis? E hindi ba’t dahil na rin sa yan ang itinuro natin sa kanila?

kung nais nating maging maayos ang pinas… isa lang ang dapat nating matutunan… yan ang sumunod sa dapat sundin at makikiisa sa dapat kaisahan.

Posted on July 24, 2007

Nice opinion sir. Wala naman pong problema sa pagsunod, kung maayos yung susundin. BTW rider din po kayo sir?

Posted on August 25, 2007

You call yourselves heroes. What have you done of BIG significance to your country to proclaim yourselves as heroes? Maybe if you can HELP eradicate the “riding in tandem criminals” in the Metropolis then I will be the first one to call you heroes. So long as there are innocent people being harmed and dying because of these hooligans and you people cannot offer a collective solution into this menace of society I see no reason why people will praise you or call you heroes. SOLUTIONS please!!!

On parade while temp is 34 degrees, unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others, and a matter of speak, that’s why. Peace bro 😀

Posted on June 19, 2009

Hi! I don’t think that it’s a bad Idea, I mean Mr. BF’s proposal about the plate number. I think it will also force riders to wear their helmets. Sana Obey first before complain.

Got your point there Ice.

raredog’s last blog post..Dengue Prevention Tips

Posted on July 27, 2012

ang dami aman poh kelangan may plate no. na ung motorsiklo tas may plate no. pa ung helmet….., panu poh un…, edi yearly din poh bah un……? tas halimbawa hindi pumasa sa mmda ung helmet muh it means kelangan mung bumili ng mamahaling helmet………? wat a philippines……

Posted on July 27, 2012

@zen09 – bro bale luma na ito at hindi natuloy. Ang bago eh yung dapat pasado yung helmet mo sa DTI at me ICC sticker. – check mo dito sa post ko na ito –

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