MMDA Backs Down on Helmet Sticker Law

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This is good news for bikers in Metro Manila (who opposed the said law) to be joyous about!

An excerpt from MCP website posted By: Gerry Cornejo, MCPF Director

Very early this morning, at around 0630H, July 28, I got this text message from MCPF Director ATOY STA. CRUZ – “ MMDA returns the ordinance (motorcycle plate no. sticker on helmet) to PNP NCRPO for further study they will not implement the said law”.

I was overjoyed with the news and immediately called up Director ATOY to get more details. He confirmed sending the text message and told me that he heard the news over one of the AM radio stations this morning.

Before requesting MCP main man BIMBO “BoyG” ISIDRO for a news posting on the MCP website, I called up MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando himself at around 0830H this morning (July 28, 2007) and was able to talk personally to Chairman BF, who confirmed the news.

Chairman Ferndando said that because of various concerns from the motorcycle riding community, the MMDA had indeed returned the proposal to PNP-NCRPO for further study.

It means that the rally last July 20 was really victorious, and that the message was heard loud and clear by the MMDA. Congratulations to everyone who in their own little way make this happen. Ride safely and let’s all help curb crime in the metro.

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Posted on October 8, 2008

just 5:30 pm today. me and my three kids and my husband were on the third florr of our ofc building.we were in the room not knowing what was about to happen when a noise came from the garage below. next thing we realized,i saw from the third floor window a man going down from a motorcycle poking a gun at my father and our ofc messenger. he was shouting”ibigay mo na ibigay mo na!”pag di mo binigay yung bag mo babarilin ko yang kasama mo!” we freaked and i ran to the phone, my husband headed towards the door to go down and my eldest son followed.i was stuck on the landline phone waiting for the 117 operator to pick up…but it took so long.this time i can only pray and use the only weapon i ask for the Lord’s help in prayer..i tried dialing from the celfone and handed the landline to my daughter so she too can try contacting the police. then
i heard a gunshot.after few more rings an operator picked up and i relayed that my dad was shot and that they should send policemen. then i headed towards the window again anticipating the worst..that my father was dead. and i was praying not to hear another daughter proceeded to the window to try and get the platenumber…she could only see the three lettters 708 and the letters eu. then…i instructed her to keep on looking and that she should stay there with her 6 year old sister…then i ran down the stairs…praying to see my father alive..and when i saw him standing by the gate..i almost jump on him and cried for joy…my prayers were answered. it took about 7 minutes more till the policemen appeared with guns.. but the motorcycle bandit already fled..not in full if he was just cruising as relayed by bystanders. there were people who witnessed the scene. no one helped.they just watched..later on i interviewed them and they said they were too scared to do anything at one even tried to call the police…nor even saw the plate number..they were just plain scared..the motorcycle bandit left wth my dad’s bag.i was successful in freezing the credit card but my dad forgot he left his atm card in the bag too…and the bandit was able to withdraw his sss pension…it was a small amount compared to the great gift God has spared him today…my father’s life and our messenger’s life. But when they reported the incident the policemen said…it can’t be enough because we were not able to get the complete plate number.if the helmet had a number on it…then we can have a chance to trace and stop this man at least…there may be hundreds of them but at least …if there was a number..we can identify him and have a stronger case.

Posted on August 17, 2009

You think having plate nos. on their heads will limit them by doing such acts? its not the motorcyclist.. its the kupad pagong police assistance that should be improved. they should be there when ever we need them, because its thier job for crying out loud.. its the impotent system that makes more bad guys do bad… pansinin mo… mas marami pang police pag may rally… eh wala naman sila gagawin dun kundi mag bantay… eh pag tinanong mo ang PNP — regarding police visibility, lagi sagot nila kulang ang pulis… eh kung kulang na nga ang pulis… kulang na nga pulis, ganun pa. bakit di nila maximize yung mga tao nila? hindi yung panay kotong ang ginagawa nila… Di lahat ng nag momotor CRIMINAL. Driskriminasyon din pag sa check point puro motor lang… Bakit wala ba holdaper naka kotse? Nakakaawang motorista…

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