Gin on Sachet

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gin on sachet
Got surprised when I saw what my batangueño officemate was holding. It was a mini-sized Gin on sachet. I asked him if it was real and where did he got it. He just smiled and said “secret”! We’ll I guessed even liquors now are going hi-tech in their packaging.

I really dunno if it’s available now in the market or if its only a promo. And what does a gin on sachets would bring to the society? Well I’m sure a lot of bilog fans alcoholic would be happy with it coz we can easily bring it on our bags or pockets, and not worry if it would break or leak. And have an instant shot anytime of the day, of course with matching tetrapak juice as

(a mountaineer perhaps, for that chilly night on the summit)

I remember seeing older people in their 60’s both men and women who came to this nearby store where I work and paid one peso for a shot of gin, I guess it somehow relaxes their
muscles or they feel much vigorous. So I’m sure they’ll like the idea of it.

I just hope they don’t let youths buy this stuff for they can easily sneak and drink it
inside schools, campus, etc…

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naku, mapagkakamalang toothpaste ito 😉 hehehe

Hello. ang cute nmn ng sachet na gin..hahaha.. buti n yung ganun para nmn ndi na cla masyadu umiinom ng marami. hihih.. btaw, thanks for dropping by my blog. And yes, I have two kids already. Visit my blogspot website tingnan mo sa header ko, andun two photos ng kids ko. 🙂
thanks again. Have a nice day!

@dimaks – nde mo pa dinerektang Colgate 😆

@grace – salamat sa iyong pagdalaw, cgurado bitin isang sachet noh hehehe. I saw ur kids, cute cla just like their mom.

Haha, this is a classic! Now there’s no place you can’t possibly sneak in a liquor. :p

Korek ka jan Shari! Kahit saan pede mong isiksik. hehehe. Paging bosses from Ginebra, hello po. 😀

Panalo to. matutuwa ang mga sunog baga dito! 😀

Repost ko po to sir a! ^__^

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@bob – no problem sir, its my pleasure and its my backlink too 😆

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