My Friends And Me

Posted by raredog in Raredog Promotes, ... | 08.30.2007 - 12:25 pm


I am ranting and raving today because I have found this wonderful place on the INTERNET to do all the things I would love to do online. And its all in one place. Imagine all of the goodies you can do here!

    1. Blog (everybody’s chance to be a Blogger)
    2. Chat with (Webcam and Voice Chat capable)
    3. Interact with other members on the forum
    4. Upload photos, Make Albums and Slideshows
    5. Participate on Polls
    6. Create Online Groups or Clan
    7. Upload Videos and Streaming Music
    8. Have your own homepage to customized
    9. and a lot more!!!

Plus you’ll get the chance to acquire more friends from around the world! Know something about their cultures vis-a-vis. Or just like their slogan “FIND OLD FRIENDS, MEET NEW ONES” Which I think would be a happy task with all the site’s feature. Well what do you think of that? Isn’t that GREAT!

Oh! by the way, have I already mentioned the name of the place? Hehehe! Sorry I forgot because of my excitement on bringing you the news. The name of the place is My Friends And Me or in the INTERNET world, its address is . See yah there and let’s all be friends. 😀

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