PC Modification

Posted by raredog in Geri Barcelona Photo... | 09.02.2007 - 8:40 am

Here is a nice PC casing modification. I think it was designed for those who worked mostly on their cars or trucks. So they can easily used it as an EWD when the need arises lol.  Anyway I find it very creative.


This one is a cool idea. (literally cool lol) Its when the temperature on your place is too hot to handle by you and your pc. A good old refrigerator would do the trick (it must be working duh!) If only he moves the monitor on the mid-part so that the user won’t get a stiff neck while using it hehehe.

PROS – Your room temp would go down after an hour or more
– Im quite sure that your cpu would love the cool wind blowing inside her
– You can have your beer anytime without standing hehehe

CONS – Your electric bill would definitely go up
– Moisture on your casing and motherboard would cause it to get rusty and a possible short circuit


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both designs are cool. the ref, feels cooler though, parang may kasamang yelo sa loob. no need for fans hehe

sarap sana nung ref design, sakto sa climate ng pinas kaso baka mamulubi ako sa taas ng electric bills 😀

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