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What a super-duper coincidence when I’ve met a namesake of mine! Imagine we’re both on the same place and at the same time, isn’t that cute hehe. Got so excited with this remarkable situation that I won’t let go off this man without a short chit-chat and of course a souvenir photo.

The story goes a little something like this. I was on queue at a drivers license renewal center, some motorcycle accident attorneys says its better to have it renewed ASAP than to be sorry later.

My name was called at the counter for an ID photo session. To my surprise a man of mid 50’s was already sitting infront of the camera. Me and the man at the counter just looked at each other and grinned. Perhaps the man sitting down was a bit deaf because he thought that he’s the one that was called.

Man at the counter: “Sir excuse me, but he’s the man I called.” (pointing at me)
Namesake: “Oh ok! I was also wonderin why you’d called me again?” (confused)

I then took my seat and have my ID photo taken. Afterwards, I walked onwards the aisle where my namesake was seated, He then tapped me and asked:

Namesake: “Is your last name Barcelona?”
Me: “Well, yes sir.”
Namesake: “Really? Me too.” (smiling)
Me: “That’s cool!”
Namesake: “How bout your first name?”
Me: “Its Geri sir.”
Namesake: (funny smile) “Well whaddya know! Im Geri too! haha!”
Me: “Really?!” (amazed and shocked! the man is not deaf after all haha!)

I then positioned myself beside him. We talk and talk and talk. We exchange contacts and afterwards have our picture taken with my ever reliable camera, of course with timer settings.

I’ve just visited his humble abode recently to gave him his copy of our picture. Isn’t that sweet hehe.  Would you do that to your namesake? 😀

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