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Posted by raredog in Uncategorized, ... | 04.27.2009 - 10:59 am

The list of nice and amazing application for my HTC windows mobile phone keeps getting longer as I found one again. This one really fascinates me and Im sure you gonna love it too. Its called the “My MobileR” and it makes me love more my HTC Wizard.

Since my work pays me to stare my monitor all day and night lol. This apps makes it now easier for me use my PDA phone ! I can now virtually view and use it on my desktop by just connecting it via ActiveSync or thru my PC IP Address. Plus it uses minimal load on my computer memory too, just around 2MB.

The mouse and the pc keyboard becomes the stylus and key pad substitute for it. What I really love the most is that I can do all my texting (SMS) privately, without touching my phone hehe! My boss would probably gave me a raise for being workaholic lol!

Right now Im using it via WIFI at our house. Im in the kitchen with my lappie while my phone is located at the living room. By turning my phone into silent mode It instantly morph into a stealth texting machine haha. I really love windows mobile!

I actually combined it with another cool app. But that’s another story hehe. The combo is much more amazing!

Download My MobileR here:
* Its a FREEWARE!!! Thanks and Kudos to its programmer!
* Support Windows Mobile 2003
* Support Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0

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