Makeover of Geely

After 5 years, 3 crashes and 2 collisions. I’ve decided to have Geely a makeover, although not totally but some parts only.
We’re using Geely daily in going to work, and it accumulated lots of scratches but mostly due to the crashes and spills I made. The original paint is still the same although a little bit dull now. And the fairings (plastics) is quite tough, just imagine I still haven’t replace any of it inspite all my disastrous spills. (One example is that I slided on a wet street and go for a dizzying 540 spin. 😆 )

Basically the idea of a makeover started with the mags because its paint starts to show some  bubbles and started to crack.

Parts of Geely that got makeover:

1. my panel front cover
2. Front face
3. pair of mags

The whole procedure only cost me less than $10 dollars from which I bought three cannister of Epoxy Spray Paint (Dull Black) and three 1000 grade sandpaper.

A lot of my friends like the new look of Geely they say it becomes more sporty and tough with its flat black color. Im planning to paint some other parts of it with the same color next time.

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