Forest Club of Bae Laguna

Forest Club of Bae LagunaBefore, I was always one of the Game Master. At last, now I’m a participant at our recent Team Building or Capacity Building activity held at Forest Club in Barangays Puypuy and Masaya, Bay, Laguna, last May 8 and 9.

Coming from Taytay, Rizal. It took us almost 4 hours to get there, anyway the views along the way are fascinating specially when the bus cruises along the hospitable town of Los Banos, Laguna (home of the famous buko pies and hot spring resorts).

The whole Eco-Adventure is all new to me, and Forest Club has great package to offer. After assigning us into teams, we were made to battle for time on the awesome obstacle course. Then the next day the real adventure begins as we were made to traverse the Forest Canopy Walk. Its a bridge made of long and sturdy kawayan, high as a 2-story building, and around 500 meters. Then there’s the Ifugao Bridge, the Parallel Rope, and the wet and wild Bamboo Rafting.

They let us experience boodle fight too! The food was served on top of banana leaves, as we all stand and eat together with our bare hands. To the army, its a form of camaraderie. We also have a grand time dipping at their hot spring pool during the night.  Another thing that made me happy during this trip were the number of good photo subjects all over the place. Im glad I was able to captured some of them to flaunt it here. By the way,  our team turns out to be the overall winning team! 😀

View all the photos HERE!

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