Good News from Paypal and Google Adsense

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., ... | 10.07.2007 - 8:34 am

The much awaited online payment scheme “Paypal” is now available in the Philippines (in full blast). Before you could only send money thru it, now you could do both (send and recieve).

What a wonderful news for all my co-bloggers, webmasters, pinoy ebayers and technopreneurs. I couldn’t imagine the impact it would create on Philippine Online Business (definitely more hits and traffic) .  Filipinos would be much more competitive globally via e-commerce, and eventually help the country on its dollar deficiency.

I wonder what’s on their mind (Paypal and Google Adsense CEO’s) as they both have an early christmas gift for all of us. First Paypal’s full mode, and now the tie-ups of Adsense and Western Union. 😀

I’ve heard stories before that Adsense cheque’s sometimes got lost on the snail-mail and if you choose via courier, they charged you with a whooping $24 for the safe delivery, Whoa! And finally they gave us options to recieve our money via Western Union (which is all over the place, yessss). Its now worry-free for our hard-earned payments to reach us. And best of all its FREE!  More story of Adsense via Western Union here!
adsense - western union
Feels good to have our country the same privileged. And because of this,  Pay-Per-Post, Text-Link-Ads, BlogtoProfit, Reviewme, Amazon, eBay HERE WE COME!!!!! Eto na kameeeeeee!!!! Eeeeyyaaahh!

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do i still need to have a credit card???

Posted on October 8, 2007

Yup u need one or a debit card. Go 2 ur bank and ask if they support Paypal. Unionbank I know is the best because of their EON Cyber Card.

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