Motherboard Problem

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Just before the weekdays is over, both my workstations (office and home) was infected by a super intelligent virus! Although I did not catch its name but I’m quite sure its one of the variants of some famous worm because of its symptoms. I won’t get into details but it really enrage my insanity! Fortunately I revived the pc at work easily. Formatting and installing went on smoothly. Unlike my pc at home, which I did thrice already but its always got infected after the boot.

It was already late, and with a backlog of sleep behind me, and the madness to repair my pc. I still try to fix it which bring me into shorting (kzziittt) my motherboard because of my wrong insertion of my DDR memory or “memories” heehaw (because they were two).

Grrrrr and Waaahhh are mixed impressions you could see on my face that moment! Grrrr because I got lots of things to do with my computer. You know the usual stuff (blogging, some graphics design, etc..) And Wahhh because this means I need lots and lots of moolahs for the replacement of my motherboard.

techie guy

Good thing there was this good motherboard technician that I’ve found thru my favorite tech website. It was still early when I went to his place (he just woke-up hehehe), I told him the problem and pleaded him to let me wait until it was fixed. 

And Filipino hospitality ruled that morning. He opened up his shop and immediately starts working on my busted motherboard while we exchanged tips and stories.

retro monitor

And guessed what, within a short period of time, I heard the pleasant beep sound of my motherboard!

Yessss! It’s ALIVE ONCE AGAIN! A relief from my hollow wallet. He gave me a guarantee that it can still served me for more years, but with proper care of course hehehe. He then billed me with a measly amount for his service. It was so measly that it’s almost 1/8 of the 
price if I choose to replace it with a new one. Surprisingly, he even gave me a discount.

I got great respect for these rare breed of Filipinos who got great talents but are still here in our country, serving their countrymen instead of foreigners. He only request one thing. And that is not to mention his name on my blog.  I leaved his shop that morning very satisfied. And just like what they always say on feedbacks. This guy is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! 😀

Maraming Salamat Bro!

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Posted on October 14, 2007

pwede ko bang ipagawa ang mukha ng ibang tao? harharharharhahar.

balita ko kasi mahusay kang gumawa. nabighani ako sa kasimplehan ng site mo. ordinaryong-palibhasa ang dating. bilib ako.

naala ko pa nun first time ko nakilala si sir raredog ginising pa nya ako kaya ayan nasa picture naka boxer pa ako heheheh

until now ba buhay pa rin ba sir amg motherboard na nirepair ko sau?


eto pa rin number ko

@dennis – nice of you to dropby bro. simpleng advertisement ha hehe! BTW wala na sa akin yung pc na pinagawa ko, wala namang bad feedback until now dun sa nakabili. Nice Job bro! Minsan ulit baka kailanganin ko serbisyo mo. Gudlak po.

geri a.k.a. raredog’s last blog post..Marilaque 3 in 1

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