Glorietta Incident: Traumatic Experience for Dad and Kid

A shocking incident today at the Glorietta Mall in Makati that make people scream and run for their lives. Left numbers of people dead and hurt.

Here is an actual story of a father trapped inside the mall with his kid when it happens.

here’s an actual experience…

i was in bconnected, 3rd floor, near kids at work, glorietta 2

the ceiling collapsed, the windows were broken

i was surfing the net, waiting for my son who was in goodwill, ground floor.

i heard the blast then saw the monitor go static simultaneously felt the ceiling hit me in the head and back

the people beside me, both guys, i didnt see them anymore as i had only one thing on my mind… get to my son… i lost my glasses as i hit the ceiling light already dangling…

the ceiling was partly deflected by the monitors and the table wherein the staff where.

on my way out, the lady staff was crying and was under the table, only a few of us made it outside, it was so white, i couldnt see kids at work

some of us who were running even tripped on the glass debris…

the kid playing outside bconnected – lan games – i didnt see them also but i could hear people… i’m sorry i couldnt help them, my son was my priority…

the walk from the 3rd floor to the ground floor seemed to be the longest walk i took in my life…

i was relieved when i reached the ground floor and my son was ok… i had to act cool in fornt of him, he is 7

i was able to tell the staff in goodwill about the ordeal but really didnt open up… i felt like crying… just as i am typing this now

i immediately brought my son outside, knowing it was traffic, i left my car in the parking and we took the jeep back home.

i’m glad to be alive… thank god.

on our way out, while walking, my son said, daddy i’m scared

i said don’t worry i’m here, everything is going to be ok…

this experience is my second wherein i came out without a scratch and i only have GOD to thank.

thank you GOD for taking care of me and my son.

thank you GOD for reminding me that you really are in control…

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5 thoughts on “Glorietta Incident: Traumatic Experience for Dad and Kid”

  1. My apologies for not commenting and asking how you were in your post. Didn’t want to be too forward in asking about how you were since what happened was still fresh then.

    How is your little boy? I hope he is ok. These things can be very traumatic for them but then, they are resilient and would probably get back to “normal” after some time. With prayers and your support and help, he will.

    You are “lucky” to have been spared from physical pain though of course the emotional and mental pain is not to be taken lightly. Surely God works miraculously. Take care and have a great week. God bless you and your son!

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