Missing my night life

Posted by raredog in Vouch Post, ... | 10.22.2007 - 8:27 pm

It’s been almost three months now since I’ve had a blast with my night life together with my friends. And I’m starting to terribly miss it. I’ve been very busy with my work nowadays and that includes blogging. I think its time for me to relax and unwind,┬áby the way everybody needs some relaxation sometimes.

I remember the last time I gimmick is when I’m with five of my good old buddies. We went out that night to celebrate our friend Gerard homecoming. It was almost 5 years since he left the Philippines and he told us how he missed the barkadas.

I can still recall that our group was the last to check out at the restaurant. We started to drink at around 7pm and had fun exchanging stories about our families, work and some business talk, that we forgot about the time. That’s when the waiter told us that it was already 3am and that they need to close the place.

We paid our bill thanked the waiter, and leaved the place to look for a place to eat some hot goto, the same food we savor during our younger days.

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