Susan Boyle is Recuperating

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Susan Boyle is recuperating from the not-so-good results at the finals of Britain’s Got Talent. For being second to the energetic dance group Diversity, Susan is said to be exhausted and emotionally drained. She should not lose her morale and gotta move on and follow her ambition to be a musical theatre singer, its like striking the iron while its hot, or else she can go home instead and be one of the garden planters in their town lol.

BGT gave her the exposure she needs to share her remarkable talent and it paid off well. She became an instant hit on the internet, tv and other media. And she definitely touched a lot of people’s emotion with her uplifting performance. Go! Go! Go! Susan, prove to the world, prove it to Simon and to yourself, that you are really the best!

Coming from different publicity items like caricature and articles (good or bad) of Susan online, I find this video somehow unique.

I know what they were thinking, but why should it matter as long as I can sing? It’s not a beauty contest.
–  Susan Boyle, The Sunday Times

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kakatakot naman siya diyan. hahaha… galing ng gumawa.

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@dong ho – korek ka jan bro, astig nung gumawa. Dami pa nyang collection, pakicheck mo na lang sa youtube – DestinationCreation

raredog’s last blog post..Susan Boyle is Recuperating

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