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Posted by raredog in Vouch Post, ... | 10.24.2007 - 10:36 pm

You still haven’t tried blogging? Almost everyone is doing it globally. With all the high-tech gizmos that is blog ready (mobile phones, PDA, laptop) anybody can start blogging immediately. And a better way to start Blogging or create an Online Journal is by signing up at

Why? Because is an online community of bloggers. It is a place to create your own blog for free, while expressing yourself or your thoughts to others. Aside from that you can also upload photos, videos and even share podcasts with other members.You can even join forums and read some tips and techniques on how to improve your blog or you can even exchange ideas. There’s also an instant message if the need arises or if you want privacy in exchanging thoughts.And did I mention already that you don’t have to be a geek to start a blog at Because they made it user friendly to the members, so friendly that technical skills is not required. They even have a user rating system so members can rate each others posts and provide feedback in the form of comments. That way everyone will be more inspired in doing their best for their blogs.You wanna try blogging now? Give it a try and visit, it will surely make blogging easier for you.


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