I want my MP3

I want my…I want my….I want my MP3! (to the tune of “Money for Nothing” by Dire Strait) However, there’s something diverse about this kind of mp3 to the mp3 that we’re all familiar with. You can’t download it (I wish i could hehe) or even play it on your MP3 player.

I’m talking about the awesome and revolutionary project of Piaggio – the Piaggio MP3. Its an innovative three wheeler scooter with two wheels on its front that can tilt to an amazing 40-degree lean angle, much greater and safer than most bikes on the street today. With a short practice, a newbie rider can utilize the MP3 just like an ordinary scooter. At the price a bit lower than 9 grand for the 400cc variant, it definitely will fall under my WISHLIST category and perhaps on my TWO-WHEELS also, even though its 3 haha!

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