I Miss Biking

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I miss my bike! I used to ride everyday with my friends, from morning til night (I rode a BMX then) . Sometimes even until the wee hours in the morning. I don’t have any sports that I could bragged about but biking.

I started to have my own bike when I was on high school. I assembled a bike with parts that are all second hand and comes from different bikes that I bought from my classmates and friends. I can still imagine riding it without handlebars (still saving money for it).

Before you won’t recognize my bike because it has parts from different kind of bikes. And as time goes by, it evolved into a BMX. From then on I started riding out with friends at the nearby dam. We explore its wilderness and swamps often nearly impenetrable. We are already experiencing downhills even before mountain bike was born. And boy! It surely pumps up our adrenalin. As we speed jumped those large roots from those big trees.

Then I shifted to freestyle. Doing flatland tricks like cherry picker, decades, miami hopper, infinity roll etc.. I also do some aerials on the ramps and quarter pipe like cancan, lookback, table top, x-up…what else…oh yes I remember that we have to bunny hopped a rider while he is lying on the road before he would be accepted to our group. (hehe pretty gnarly back then). One of my co-rider can jump over 4 persons! (you can imagine the last guy being the most nervous, lol)

Right now I don’t have my own bike (hope I could have one again). It just happened that some boys let me borrow their ride for some pictorials and some tips and tricks too!

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Is that really you doing wheelies! I never could do it myself, not even bunnyhops or any tricks at all. My thing is just ride and ride, uphill or downhill (not much on both counts though). Hope you get a new bike this Christmas!

Yup that’s really me. I can still do some tricks. The ideas are still in my head but was restricted bcoz of the heavy mass I acquired during the years. hehehe. Yeah even a plain bike will do. Thanks. 😀

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