Stud Party by the pool

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., ... | 06.22.2009 - 9:02 pm

wanna drink?

I was browsing my old site ( when I found this old photo of mine taken inside a hotel somewhere in the Ortigas area where a stud party were being held for our friend Gerard. I find myself grinning while reminiscing what happened that night.

After we (7 guys and the groom) gulped several brandy and whisky while waiting for the belly dancer lol!,. we find ourselves at the swimming pool area of the hotel. Luckily nobody was there when we arrived. We are not prepared to swim that evening. Then our buddy Yeye surprised us as he started stripping, he then dives into the cold water wearing only his jockey haha! I dunno, but somehow we got magnetized by his action, and within minutes we were all at the pool together with some pool furniture that we brought down because of our misbehaving haha.

We didn’t notice that there’s a CCTV camera just infront of us, after almost an hour, a hotel personnel approched us and told us that we have to vacate the premises because the pool was supposed to be closed. We apologized and leave the area soaking wet. Good thing the place is dim or else he would see the pool bed and the garden set all submerged haha! What a night! If only I could find the photo where we’re all on our briefs only hahaha.

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