Monster in Canada

Posted by raredog in Vouch Post, ... | 11.03.2007 - 11:51 am

There’s a monster in Canada! Yup it’s true. But this one is blissful to people who have no jobs. I’m talking about! A place where you can look for a job throughout Canada. It covers the whole country, from Alberta to Yukon Territories. Browse to its huge database of job listing by category or by location! You won’t missed any available employment opportunity.

They would even assist you in making your resume, in making-out through your interviews plus have some good advice and tips from their experts and counselor regarding your job hunting and employment laws.

And to balance things up, they have included a section too for employers! Isn’t that great! They (the employers) can easily browsed for resumes of would be employee that would fit their needs, post and manage jobs they offer, by simply logging-in to their accounts. Hiring then would be a simple task for them all because of the monster!

And while there, do check out their Resources Section. Where you’ll find lots of available interactive information. Like about salary negotiaton, interview simulation and many more special features. One that I like best is the evalu8me. The interface is so cool, you won’t be nervous while being evaluated. Goodluck and happy job hunting!

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