Still at the racks

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Simpsons Xbox

Seriously, where are all the good RPG’s in PS2’s nowadays?

I’ve been looking for hours at the mall trying to find a decent game for my PS2 and still nothing. Good thing there are lots of games for the Xbox or downloads for the PSP. Its nice to see some of the games I already finished on our PS2 still at the racks.

Though I find it annoying to think that gamers like myself spend so much to buy consoles only to find that it’ll be out of date in the next few years. Our PS2 cost almost 12,000 pesos when we first bought it. And now, it’s like the same price as the PSP!

How I wish, Sony and other console creators should make, like, a recall program or something. Like if you don’t want your console anymore, you can trade it in for the console you want at the same price. That’ll be really cool. Or maybe they should start converting PS2 and Xbox games for the PSP. Lord knows I want to play Final Fantasy X on the PSP.

Oh well, I think I’ll just take my frustrations out on my brother’s Guitar Hero controller.

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