I got myself a hotmail

Posted by raredog in Techie Stuff, ... | 11.17.2007 - 8:47 pm

I am so loyal with my email address that I’ve been using it since time immemorial. I was occasionally given a new email addresses from services like from my internet provider or from my webhost but I seldom or don’t use it at all.

Until one day when IĀ got nothing to do, I chanced to look each icon on my taskbar, and double-click the odd looking MSN icon that was sitting on my taskbar ever since.

That’s where it all started. Now I got myself something new to tinker. I sign-up the form for an email account at hotmail.com. I liked its simple but customizable interface. Not only that, I can now use Windows Live and all its suite of services under one account. Like the Windows Messenger, Spaces, Onecare, Live Search and a lot more. So to all of you hotmail users out there. You could now add me to your contacts! raredog[at]hotmail[dot]com

Added info: Windows Live Hotmail promises to deliver a safer, more powerful and productive email experience when compared with earlier versions. It will also provide flexible access via the Web, on a mobile phone or with an email client.

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