Celfone Load Extended

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cellfone load extended

A lot of “texters” (specially the low-income earners like me, Inday, Dodong, housewives, etc..)would be happy because starting July 19, 2009 Telcos will be extending the expiration of celfone load threefolds!

The shelf life of credits of P10 to P50 will be extended from two to five days to 15 days. More than P50 to P100, 30 days; more than P100 to P250, 60 days; and more than P250 to P300, 75 days.

Although they don’t specify if only the REGULAR loads or even their Promo Loads would be extended. ex. All-Text, UnliTxT, SulitTXT, TodoTeXT – Or lahat na nga cguro??

Kudos to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile who cried FOUL on his “vanishing load” in his prepaid account, that resulted to a Senate hearing and eventually mahalukay ang nakabinbin na TRO for eight years.

The commission earlier justified its years of inaction, saying that a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by a Quezon City judge had blocked an NTC memo that set the guidelines on billing statements, sale and use of prepaid cards, and interconnection agreements.

Senator Mar Roxas said:

With this, our money will no longer disappear as if they just evaporated or expired. This is a good output of the hearings

Kaya pede ng mag-teteteteteteteteteteeexxt ng mahaba-habang panahon! 😆


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