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Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., Anonythor,... | 08.04.2009 - 11:07 am

It’s really hard to find your own apartment or house nowadays.

Take my aunt, for instance. She lived in California before, and she had a hard time looking for an apartment for her family up in New Jersey. It took her a whole year just to find the right place for them, since she had to consider the house’s distance from her new workplace, the hospital, mortgage, etc.

This happened during the time when iphone apartment app still hadn’t existed. It’s called My New Place.

Nowadays, due to the technological advancements, looking for an apartment is easy. If someone has an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use the application to search for apartments in over 165 locations, and you can filter your search results (which is especially useful when you’re looking for an apartment with a Jacuzzi XD). What’s more, you can use this application to share your searches with your friends in Facebook! YAY! My friends in the US would really appreciate this, especially since they’re entering college.

So if you’re looking for an apartment, go ahead and use this application to help you. The perfect place for you may be a search away.

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