My Carb has been E10 alive

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I don’t know about you guys but based from my not so good experience, I think the carb of my scooter has been eaten alive by this so called E10! (E10 fuel, a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline). I guess it pays to know what you pump in on your gas tank nowadays.

I know E10 has been existing for more than two years and its good for the environment, that’s all I know.

It was only recently that I let this &#!;%$#@ gas flowed from my gas tank down to its carburetor. Now I know why the gas attendant was somehow uneasy and concerned at the same time to tell me that their unleaded gas has E10, and asked me if its ok with me, to which out of ignorance I said yes. Poor me.

The effect of this gasohol was felt the day after. Throttle was not that responsive, thus reaching my top speed had became harder. The engine was a bit shaky and wild, and I have a hard time starting the engine, arggghh! All of which I have never experience on my 11 month old Yamaha Mio Sporty. At first I assumed that all of it was because of the dirty air filter. But after I have cleaned it thoroughly, my scoot still runs imperfect, and so the E10 headaches stays.

Some E10 Facts

Ethanol alcohol is an excellent SOLVENT – Ethanol will dissolve plastic, rubber, certain types of fiberglass and even aluminum!

Ethanol can dissolve and disintegrate just about anything that has accumulated in a motor engine.

Example: Ethanol will dissolve resins that create a black sludge that coats and travels through the engine, causing engine stalling and complications, including clogged fuel filters, carburetor jets and injectors.

Ethanol alcohol is a DRYING AGENT and can DISINTEGRATE or DISSOLVE parts.

Ethanol will dry-out and cause cracking and damage to non-alcohol resistant parts, especially rubber and plastic parts and components.

Many engine hoses of older engines are not resistant to alcohol.

Ethanol alcohol is an excellent CLEANSER -While these can have useful purposes, it can also be very problematic…

Ethanol will clean and release years of dirt, rust, sediment and other gunk from the engine and circulate it through the engine, causing clogging of filters and engine parts.

Ethanol ignites at a higher temperature, compared to conventional non-alcohol gasoline, causing damage to pistons.

E10 can not be added to a tank or pump that contains oyxygenators MTBE or ETBE.

Ethanol based fuel additives and gas treatments will increase risk. Higher alcohol causes extra release of rust, debris, sediment and gunk – and further clogging and damage to engine components and filters.

Well if you think E10 has not in any way affected your ride, then by all means continue using it. But for me NO MORE E10!

Read more about E10 here –

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