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Posted by raredog in Techie Stuff, ... | 01.22.2008 - 6:24 pm

My pc acquired the dreaded “lop” virus because of the usual usage of my rig by my officemates(flashdisk after flashdisk). Thinking my antivirus could handle it well, so I just ignored it.

Unfortunately due to its peskiness (lop virus), it still comes out occasionally. And all my antivirus does is to put it in inside the vault. I guess it’s time to manually remove it.

As I have removed similar malicious malware before. I know “regedit” would do the job. But “lo and behold” I got this error message while trying to run regedit.exe “Regedit has been disabled by your administrator” WTF! – How come I didn’t know about it, I was the administrator of my pc! lol!

I soon found out that even my Task Manager was disabled. I immediately asked my techie friend for some advice. He also immediately responded and said “You have to reformat your drive!”

Whoa! Not again! We’ll during my younger days I always do that (formatting) but now it’s becoming a tedious remedy for me, NO WAY, I have to find a way to bring back my regedit and task manager!

Later that day I got myself a solution through my favorite site, TPC. I got myself a downloadable and executable file, it works and yes it’s FREE! It’s called the RRT – Remove Restriction  Tool from

So simple to use, no need to install. Just a few clicks, restart my pc, and that’s it! My regedit and task manager is back.

But the “lop” still exist on my pc! Waaahhhhh!!! Helppppp!!!

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padre damaso
Posted on January 23, 2008

whooooaa what a perfect timing. Jusy got it yesterday, thanks you got it earlier he he he now i know what to do thanks again for the link…..

Hahaha! No problem bro! How bout the lop virus removal, any info?

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My officemate’s PC got infected by that yahoo messenger virus that also disables the task manager. But my officemate was able to remove the virus using McAfee.

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my regedit and gpedit has been desable by virus. tell me how to enable it. plz must reply my id is

Posted on March 4, 2008

@sourabh soni – just visit and download the RRT.exe (a tool for removing system restriction)

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Good stuff – As a beginner to photography I frequently feel swamped by how much I need to learn about photography. Still, the more posts like this i read, the better off i am. Thanks for moving me on a bit more 🙂

As a Newbie, I am always searching for interesting stuf thanks

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