Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 1

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This story is my about my firsthand experience on what I might say is the most devastating and terrifying typhoon I’ve ever encounter on my entire life because it almost cut short my existence on this lovely planet…earth.

Friday September 25, 2009 – at the eve of Typhoon Ondoy’s arrival (International Codename Ketsana). I was searching and lurking different weather forecasting websites for how intense this Typhoon would be and setting aside health plans at bcbsnc for the moment. Its because I had a compromise with my ride buddy sir Vhen to join him on the 26th for a fun ride at Famy Laguna.

I found nothing on the internet that discourage me to join the ride the next day since it would only be a quick ride in the morning and we would all be on our own houses resting by lunch time. By the way my house was located in Greenpark, one of the most flooded area in Cainta.

At around 6pm that night, it started to rain. its only a drizzle, nothing to worry about. Then I receive a text message from sir Vhen. “Bro me bagyo bukas. Next time na lang tayo sama”. Without having second thought, I agree with him and I replied “Oo nga sir, wrong timing itong si Ondoy eh!”. Since its Friday night and with plans changed, I just went to my kumpareng Ronel in Anonas for some kampay session with other buddies. That night, we all observed that the rain never seems to cease.

Since its raining tough, I’m tipsy, and its already late. I decided that I slept over at Ronel’s place and go home in the morning……to be continued

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thanks , useful

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