Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 2

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flood along Anonas

Saturday September 26, 2009 – Ondoy’s presence are felt bigtime! Its already noon and I’m still at Ronel’s place. Amazingly,Ondoy’s downpour hasn’t cease yet. We all wonder where did he get all that water from. Since all I got is a busted umbrella, I think I’ll stay for a while and maybe the rain would stop in the afternoon. Im also confident that our place (Cainta Greenpark) would be safe and fine. We’ve been living there for almost seven years, and not a single typhoon flooded our street, although other parts of the village got flooded but its only knee deep the most.

At around 4:00 pm, I got a text message coming from my partner, at first I thought it was a joke, it says “sobrang taas na ng baha, lutang na lahat ng gamit sa bahay, hindi ko alam kung nai-save ang laptop mo”. We then exchange messages, and after confirming all the details,I then prepared myself to go home that instance.

I met an acquaintance along the way, knowing where I’m heading he told me “pre napapaligiran ng baha ang Anonas tapos wala ng mga biyahe, wala kang lulusutan ng hindi ka lulusong sa baha na hanggang dibdib” I thanked him for cautioning me, but the pinoy attitude of “bahala na” prevailed.  And so off I go, wearing t-shirt and shorts, armed with a busted payong, wallet, and my reliable HTC cellphone.

I’ve seen lots of people walking that afternoon, all soaking wet. Most of them got stranded in the traffic and decided to just walk instead of waiting. In this time of crisis one can indulge weight lost pill haha. At first medyo light and bubbly pa atmosphere, kase dami ko kasabay sa kalye. Then my first flood encounter that day. Along Anonas, near the bridge. The water is up to my beer belly and the current is so damned strong. You could see lot of things floating and being washed-out in the area (plastic container, drums, toys, refrigerator, washing machine, undies and even light vehicles) Kung mahina-hina nga tuhod mo matatangay ka talaga. Good thing men from that neighborhood placed a rope to hold by people crossing the flood, and somehow assist those who are in difficulty. Almost 500 meters din cguro yung baha na yun. Then I reached Aurora Blvd. GOOD NEWS there’s no flood, and the BAD NEWS there’s no jeepney plying also. No choice but to walk the remaining 7 kilometers to my crib. To be continued…

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Bong Labrador
Posted on October 20, 2009

Damnnnnnnnnnnnn brod…..that was f____n extreme…imagine, walking 7km under the freaking rain…well i’m not surprised if you lsted that long hike…remember we used to go on our bikes from QC to Folk Arts Theater (rain or shine) just for the thrill of it….anyway stay strong bro…take care always, musta na lang likewise sa family mo and sa tropa

@ Bong – pre salamat sa concern, pede mo rin akong padalhan ng dollars if you like hehe. Bro nasa Chapter 2 ka pa lang ng istorya ko, read more of it, cguro up to chapter 5 lang at tapos na hehe. Teyk ker tu

Bong Labrador
Posted on October 21, 2009

I’ll try to read it all pre…lam mo naman lagi busy d2 sa work e…minsan nga parang gusto ko na muna mgvacation ng maaga para makapagrelax….BTW brod check out 1 company hiring sila sa Afghanistan ngayon malaki salary..actually nagforward na ko ng resume ko e w8 ko na lng response nila checkout their site http://www.recon-international.com….d2 naman 1 company is trying to get me pero tied up p din ako d2 sa present employer ko still 1 year to go before makalipat…ingas lagi brod

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