Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 3

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MRT Santolan

So I walk, and walk, and walk. Walking alone with no one to talk to isn’t a bad idea after all, coz I got the chance to talked with all those high-spirited yet tired people walking side by side with me plus I got to sweat a lot just like im in a treadmill just like in hcg shots austin news. And from them I got updated stories about the typhoon and other related stories. Yun nga lang matagal ng 5 minutes mo silang makasama or makausap, because its either they walk faster or slower than you. So from time to time iba-iba ang kahuntahan ko.

After briskly walking for several minutes I’ve finally reached the bridge in front of SM Marikina. The atmosphere is catastrophic but somehow lively because of the large crowd that was mesmerized by the great flood they are seeing live. The flood reaches the uppermost portion of the bridge, and people are literally fishing anything they can salvage from the water. Shouting triumphantly if they fished out some nice objects! By the way, twas  already 5pm and the traffic has gone to a halt. Besides the shouting of the fishing people, no other sound can be heard but the splashes of raging waters on the bridge. To be continued…

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bro binaha ba kayo? sana ok lang kayo dyan. pero i bet ok lang kasi, may Ondoy posts ka 🙂

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Oo naman pre. As in super duper baha. You’ve been there sa house di ba? 7 feet deep pre. Di pa tapos story ko, mga 2 chapters na lang. mejo bz eh. Send mo naman ako relief goods pre. kahit lumang laptop lang. wala na kse akong pc 🙁

geri aka raredog’s last blog post..Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 3

nasa pinas na rin ako since April, kaso di ako nakapag blog agad, nasira ang wp ko, ngayon ok na. binaha rin kami, buti na lang sa harap lang ng building, emdyo elevated din kasi ang location namin.

anong bagong pagkakakitaan natin sa blog ngayon?

be safe!

dimaks’s last blog post..dimaks is back to blogging

@dimaks – daya mo pre andito ka na pala nde ka man lang nagpaparamdam ha. pasalubong at relief goods ko sa yo? 😀

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