Step Skills Competition

the winning e-poster

Mary Eikeen Raye Reus of Rizal National Science High School has a lot to bragged about these days as she won First Place in the E-Poster category with the theme Upgrading Skills, Improving Lives at the recent Division Step Skills Competition in Rizal Region IV-A (CALABARZON). Competing with 17 other students, she got the highest percentage from us judges.

Public High School students from Rizal province were given a chance to show their skills which they learned from their EPP/TLE classes. Im sure some of them go as far as learning more online just like LSAT prep offers. The internet has vast information on just about everything, just waiting to be tap.

I was impressed by most of the output of the student particpants as I roamed around and watch different contest categories like Landscaping, Hair Styling with Make-Up, and Table Skirting. The most I enjoyed watching was the Bartending contest. The participants there were really a show-off!

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  1. @nike – Apparently, they’re just competing on some skills on computer, maybe someday when they chose to be a software engineer or sort of.

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