Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 4

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Courtesy of ICASOCOT

And so my unplanned saga continues. Upon reaching the bridge, I rest for a while and watched the flash flood just like the others. I even saw one man reaching for a pack of Chippy below the bridge with his umbrella. I guess by that scene you can imagine the height of the flood. I then continue walking, I tried the higher bridge infront of SM Marikina to get a much wider view of the scenario. Within minutes I’ve reached MRT Santolan station. Its dark already and from there I saw numbers of stranded people hopelessly waiting. The stretch of Marcos Hiway fronting MRT station is soooohhh creepy since lamp posts on the center island are all shut down. Good thing MRT has bright lights to guide us kahit papano, but only for a short distance. So tambay muna ako at nakiramdam sa paligid.

Not to many decided to continue walking. Some are tired and decided to rest at the station, while multitudes are afraid to trek the cold and chocolaty water. I can’t blame them, because just like them I know it would be tough and dangerous to wade there without lights. But then, What the heck! Im almost half of my target destination and I know my kiddo needs to see me specially on time like this, he’s only accompanied by his yaya. So like a suicide mission, I decided to proceed. Bahala na ulit! to be continued…

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