Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 5

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ondoy flood

The next thing I know, Im one of those who brave to wade into the murky flood. We were only few compare to those who chose to stay at the MRT. The flood height varies from time to time. Sometimes its up to my chest and sometimes its as high as my shoulder. Everyone moves slowly as we form a line besides the pink fence by the MMDA. We need to hold on to something to avoid deep portion of the flood or worst an open manhole.

As we all walk towards Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall rain starts to pour again. Rumor of an imminent danger along our path soon to spread. We knew about it through people making it on the opposite direction. They told us to reserve our energy and to be ready for crossing the intersection in Ligaya, Pasig. I heard one man said “Tatagan ninyo mga binti nyo at napakalakas ng agos duon!” Just to counter my fear, I told myself  “if they can cross it, so can we!

A few minutes later we’ve reached the dreaded location. From where Im standing, Marcos Hiway looks like an epic scene of a Hollywood movie like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Armageddon or just any end-of-the-world flick. Water and people everywhere, vehicles big and small, old and new are scattered all over the place. If car agents could sell motorhome that floats, it would surely be a big hit!

We then saw a group of 5 or 6 persons coming from the Marikina side. They are all in juxtapose or in kapit-bisig position while they are being dragged by the raging flood. Most women on the vicinity shouted in anguish, as they watched the scenario. Luckily, men at the middle portion of the road acted quickly and save them.

Now its our turn. I catched one deep breath and told myself  “this is it, I could do it! ” Suddenly a woman from my right side grabbed my arm and said “kapit-kapit tayo kuya ha, para matatag tayo sa agos” I just nod, and said “ok let’s do it”. Then a man from my left side warned us to wait because there’s a rope underneath, but twas too late because my left foot was tangled already. The group was already moving and I can’t untangle my foot. Im now on a slanted position, there’s no other choice but to let go of my arm for them to move. Then the inevitable happened, after I let go of my arm, I lost my balance and found myself being carried away by the growling flood. Knowing nobody were along my path to save me, I tried not to panic and keep my self afloat, then little by little I pushed myself to the side of the street.

to be continued…

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