Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 6

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ondoy flooded sta lucia along marcos hiway

Guess what? The pink fence of Mr. Bayani Fernando saved me from further exploring Ligaya street, as my body luckily landed on it.”Whew! Thank God! That was close!” I uttered. So again Im back on my feet and starts wading again along Marcos Highway. We were like traversing a maze by the position of the vehicles on our path. “Kung wala lang tubig, sarap siguro maglaro ng airsoft dito hehe”. I guess one need lots of wrinkle cream after skinny dipping on this murky water for such a long time now.

Hayyy! Finally, I’ve reached Sta Lucia MAll. Im surprise to see that there’s no flood there, except  their basement. The place is like a mirage on the desert! It instantly became a haven for people living near the vicinity. All of them seems to be sharing their own story to one another. Its the second dry location I’ve seen along my travel. The first one was at the MRT Station in Santolan.

The mall was closed but I saw two concessionaires (Shakeys and Starbucks) are open but with few customers only. I stand by for a while and checked my stuff. I already disposed of my umbrella earlier since Its no use for me coz Im soaking wet from head to foot, and its already 50% wrecked! That’s the main reason haha! All I got now was my waterlogged backpack with my wallet and cellphone inside it wahhh!

Im thinking what should be my next plan. Should I stay or should I go? The fact that its night already, its brownout, (Sta Lucia has generators, that explains the light) and Im solo. And to where Im going its unpredictable. Unlike in Marcos Hiway, where I can join other people in assaulting the flood. This time I guess it will only be me. To be continued…

Next Chapter – battling for my life

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