Yahoo! Mail now with Anti-Phising

Posted by raredog in Techie Stuff, ... | 01.31.2008 - 11:09 am

Yahoo is promoting a new security features for their members who utilize Yahoo Mail. It makes the end-user of the computer to visually know that they’re not on some phony website that was created to steal your personal information.

It works by assigning a seal (either a photo or a secret message) that Yahoo will display on your login page. So the user will have to look for it every time they sign to make sure they’re on a genuine Yahoo site.

I’ve tested it right away, and in just a few clicks  I can see my photo on the login page of Yahoo Mail. Cool! There’s only one flaw I’ve observed, and that is I have to do the procedure all over again once I deleted my cookies (which I usually do). Overall its a great move by Yahoo to protect its members from phising!

What is phishing?
Phishing is when a fraudster sends you an email or link, claiming to be from a legitimate company. They’ll often send you to a fake website they’ve created, and trick you into entering your password and personal information. You’re then an easy target for account theft.

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